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Re: ASN, ERA-EDTA and ISN Joint Statement - Ensuring optimal care for people with kidney diseases during the COVID-19 pandemic


On behalf of ISN, I have collaborated with the Presidents of ASN and ERA-EDATA on the elaboration of a joint statement requesting urgent action from government agencies to address the dire situation kidney health professionals are confronting in continuing to provide regular care and dialysis services for our patients.

The COVID-19 pandemic presents numerous challenges to health care systems across all continents and in particular in developing countries. Vulnerable kidney patients requiring dialysis are facing live-threatening situations.


Many regular dialysis services have been interrupted to prepare hospitals to provide care to COVID-19 patients.

20-30% of patients hospitalized with COVID-19 develop kidney failure, leading to a surge in requirement for dialysis.

Drugs and consumables necessary for dialysis treatment are in shortage

PPE is in shortage and healthcare professionals are ill-equipped

Centers are understaffed due to illness and quarantine

Patients are in lock-down and cannot travel to dialysis centers

Together, the three societies are requesting urgent action by:


Providing support to staff, nephrologists, and other health professionals delivering life-saving dialysis treatments to these vulnerable patients.

Prioritizing rapid testing capabilities and supply of personal protective equipment

Please support our request and efforts by sharing this joint statement on your website and with your members as well with colleagues and on social media.


The COVID-19 and Nephrology section on the ISN website is updated daily with resources, guidance and reports from around the world.

With many thanks,


Take care and stay safe.

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